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Find out everything you should know about John Deere, the famous Agricultural Machinery manufacturer

John Deere – Agricultural Machinery

History & background about John Deere Machinery

John Deere was born in America. He founded the world famous company Deere & Company that makes agricultural equipment as well as constructional equipments of top qualities. He did not have sufficient formal education in his life but he did his apprenticeship when he was 17 years old. He found himself fortunate enough to do the apprenticeship in Middlebury under a famous blacksmith of that time, Captain Benjamin Lawrence. On completion of his professional training, he himself started the trade on his own. He was married in 1927. Later He became the Mayor of Moline.

John Deere most famous equipment

John Deere Sprayers


One of the famous product john Deere made was sprayers for tractors. He created two types of sprayers mainly: a) trailed sprayers, b) self-propelled sprayers. Trailed sprayers are used for greater productivity with a cheaper cost. For any normal to medium size of spraying operations, these sprayers are very useful for their all-round operations. These machines are known for their rigidity, better balance due to lower center of gravity. Self-propelled sprayers are worthy for spraying in vast areas and for wide range of corps. Their spraying accuracy is impeccable that helps to attain maximum productivity. These machines are very popular for their flexibility in use on any types of corps at a large scale. Ads of used John Deere Trailed Sprayers are on sale there.

john deere tractor


Tractors are also one of the major productions of this company. There are three types of tractors that are produced: a) Compact tractors, b) specialty tractors, c) large tractors. Specialty tractors are mainly used for narrowly spaced vine yards and other crop fields where the space between each row of crops is less. The tractor is fuel efficient and ideal for implementation of seeds in the middle area. Compact tractors are used for harvesting of cherries, almonds and vineyards etc. These can also be used in gardens also. With a compact size, these tractors have quite a good amount of weight lifting capacity and also have better turning controls. Large tractors are used in wide areas where the yielding capacity is huge and the requirement is more. You can find many ads of John Deere Tractors on this page.

john deere combines harvesters

Combine harvester

One of the popular agricultural machines created are combines harvesters. These are of two types: a) S series, b) T series. S-series harvester has delivering capability on speed combined with grain quality, power as well as efficiency. It has good quality cab features, fold-able tank covers for grain, a very high quality cleaning system. T-series harvester has a very high quality harvesting capability in all kinds of crops. It has key features like straw chopper, dual tires, controls that can be easily operated, easily operating displays, comfortable seat and many more. Its engine is very powerful and can be started even in cold weather. Ads of used and new combines harvesters are available for sale here.

John Deere seed drill

Seed drills

Seed drills are one of the finest creations of john deere. It is economical and capable of drilling grains like cereal grains, forage crops and legumes etc. It has hydraulically lifting cylinder that helps drilling in finer qualities. It has got seed fertilizer meter drive system. It has attachments for grass seeds, grain agitator for better quality of seed drilling. It has a very solid body with steel foot boards. Seed drills are of few types: Air seeder, box drills, planters etc. Air seeder has pneumatic drilling system that provides very accurate drilling of seeds. Box drills have been made for versatility. Planters can do seeding very fast and accurately. Used Conventional-Till Seed Drill manufactured by John Deere are available here for sale.

Round ballers

John Deere manufactured many round balers. This include the 1998 John Deere 566 which was manufactured to help in the farms. These round balers were followed by the machine known as 2001 John Deere 567. The round balers are professionally designed to help in performing farming tasks. There is a growing demand for these machines in the farms mainly to make work easy. These machines are not only making the work easy but also providing quality services to the farmers. With the new technology, much advancement has been made on these machines. Round balers manufactured by John Deere save time for the users. Among these round balers, there is also 2003 John Deere 567.

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