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A quick look at harvesting equipment

History & background of combines harvesters

In the past, farming operations were referred to be the most tire-some, tedious and boring. This was because the entire farming activities were purely done by either human labor or animal labor such as mule, horses, just to mention a few. Precisely these farming operations were cultivating, planting, harvesting and the rest.

But with new technology farming activities have tremendously taken a different look. With the invention of farm equipment, farming operations have now changed to be quite effective and most enjoyable as well.  Back in early 1834 the harvesting farm machine was first invented by Hiram Moore in United States. The machine was called Combined Harvester. The name combine implicates three different activities carried out simultaneously by the same machine. These are reaping, threshing and winnowing.

The combine harvester machines were generally drawn by mules or horses. Later in 1882 the combine harvester was integrated with steam engine to provide power. The Combine Harvester farm machine is quite economical and efficient in harvesting your grains crops like maize, wheat, barley among others. Since combine harvesters are only meant for grain crops, this would obviously mean that there are many types of harvesters in the market. Depending with what you would want to harvest. May be, potatoes harvester, grape harvesters, sugarcane harvesters, forage harvesters and the rest, there is for sure a task that can be dealt by such agricultural machinery.

The combine harvester is made in a way that it harvests, separates and cleans your grains. The machine has got a self-propelled vehicle that is in-built with a cutting device at the front part. Once the grains are cut they are passed in a thresher to separate the grains from chaff. Then they are passed in a winnower to clean them, after which you can get your grains as you require. Many ads of combines harvesters for sale can be found on Agriaffaires.

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Others types of harvesting equipment

Forage harvester machine is purely meant for cutting grass for your domestic animals, such as cows, goats, horses, and the rest. The forage may be for immediate or future use. The forage harvester machine moves as it cuts the grass with its in-built blades, it then gathers and arranges the grass. The grass will then be retained, cut into sizable pieces. The impelling mechanism is applied to elevate the small pieces and deliver them into the vehicle.

When you use forage harvester, you are rest assured of more products from your farm animals. This is because the forage harvested is plenty, well done and sufficient for your farm animals. The forage may easily stay for quite a long period ensuring that your domestic animals have enough to feed on. With forage harvester your farm animals’ products will automatically be doubled. Find ads of used & new forage harvester in Agriaffaires.

Main manufacturers of harvesting equipment

HOH Manufacturing Company in Califonia. It is one of the first manufacturing companies that invented combine harvester. The company is well known to manufacturer machines that are self-propelled combine harvester that are quite economical and effective to your grain harvesting both on your small or large scale farming. The prices are affordable that you would not miss. The machine gives you a good quantity and quality harvest that would be similarly competitive in the market. You would never go wrong once you purchase these products.

Gleaner Manufacturing Company. This company is one of the oldest and most popular companies in Australia that deals with combine harvesters that are patented with a self-propelled harvester, well fitted with several modern devices hence improvement in grain handling. This will not only produce high class grains but most marketable products world wide. Other larg brands of farm equipment aslo produce great combine harvesters. Either, it is John Deere, Case IH, New Holland or Claas.

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