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The Fendt Company history & backgrounds

The Fendt brothers, under the supervision of their father Johann, started building tractors from their blacksmith shop in the late 1920’s, delivering the first small sized tractors in the1930’s. The tractor had features including a mounted plough and a separately driven mower, all powered by an engine with six horse power. Small farmers that were accustomed to using horses could now afford to mechanize their operations with a tractor.

Fendt is a German company that was incorporated in December 1937 and has moved on to become an extensive manufacturer of agricultural equipment globally. The firm is now a part of the AGCO group, marketing a range of forage and combine harvesters, tractors and square and round balers.

Different types of farm equipment from Fendt

fendt tractors

Farm Tractors from Fendt

Fendt first developed the CVT (continuously variable transmission) in the 1970’s but due to lack of funding it actually went into production only in 1996. The CVT was named Vario and the Fendt 926 Vario was the first step-less transmission to be installed in a tractor, unrivalled by its competitors. The Vario has a top speed of 60 km/h (38 mph) among AGCO products while the JCB Fastrac is with 80 km/h the fastest tractor on the market. The Fendt tractor is regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of tractors and has been featured on many TV shows including Top Gear. Find out many ads of farm tractors by Fendt on Agriaffaires.

fendt combine harvester

Combine Harvesters manufactured by Fendt

Fendt manufactures a wide range of harvest machines for various uses and robust combine harvesters with proven technology. The Fendt E-series combine harvesters are reliable, solidly built and ideal for medium-sized farmers. The new L-series are installed with a Multi Crop Separator plus and a Power Feed Roller what delivers more flexibility and achieves the highest results in the toughest conditions.

The Fendt Combine Harvester FreeFlow cutting table is extremely sturdy, has easy changeable floor plates and optimum output ranging from 4.2 m to 7.6 m. The cutting knives achieve a perfect cut with speeds of up to 1220 strokes per minute and a cutting speed of 1.73 m per second. Many ads of Fendt Combine harvesters can be found on Agriaffaires.

fendt forage harvester

Forage harvester produced by Fendt

Fendt is launching its new Katana forage harvester named after the Samurai sword. The harvester is fed via six rollers producing a uniform crop flow and a 720mm diameter chopping drum which increases throughput. The design is inspired by the knife shape and arranged in the traditional V-pattern for more efficiency.

The 650 hp 16 litre V8 power unit is produced by the marine and rail engines company, MTU and, not as the badge suggests, Mercedes. The engine will be using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) so as to meet future emissions standards. Used forage harvesters can be found on Agriaffaires.

Fendt round balers

Fendt Round Balers

Fendt square balers have been developed with the utmost in bale quality and machine reliability, picking up crops cleanly whilst maintaining high speeds. Fendt variable chamber round balers offer high performance in hay, straw and silage, with features including a 2m bale diameter on the 2900 models, SCR system for all conditions, high compression pressure and high chamber intake capacity, trouble free and a wide range of settings options for the driver from the operations terminal. Used & new fendt round balers can be purhcased on Agriaffaires.

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