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Claas agricultural machinery

History and backgrounds of Claas

Claas is the biggest manufacturer of agricultural machinery and is the combine harvester market leader in Europe. This German corporation based in Harsewinkel (North Rhine-Westphalia) is famous above all of harvesting machinery, especially combine harvesters. However, it offers a wide range of other equipment too.

The first company was started in 1887 by Franz Claas. First he produced milk centrifuges. His first farming machines which appeared about 1900 were straw binders and reapers. 14 years later his sons August, Bernhard and Franz jr registered the company as “Gebrüder Claas”. The brothers bought a quarry in Harsewinkel and patented their first knotter in 1921. In the 30. they developed the first European combine harvester – the Mäh-Dresch-Binder (MDB).

Main agricultural equipment by Claas

claas combine harvester

Combine harvesters

Claas has become a very large company about combine harvester manufacturing. There have been many changes since the first MDB was released. Now, Claas offers over 20 models of combine harvesters in 4 series: Dominator, Avero, Tucano and Lexion. Dominator (136-158 hp) is designed for small and medium-sized farms. The next stage is Avero with 158 to 198 hp. The upper medium class is Tucano whose power reaches from 204 to 299 hp. Lexion is the richest family of Claas combine harvesters (279-551 PS). Among others it has tracked combine harvesters with Terra Trac undercarriage in stock. Lexion machinery is also equipped with electronic optimisation systems.
Claas co-works with Caterpillar as well. Their products are sold in the USA as Cat Lexion. Used Claas combine harvesters are sold on Agriaffaires.

Claas tractor

Claas tractors

The range of Claas tractors is even wider than its combine harvesters choice. There are 6 series: Nexos (101-210 hp), Elios (72-88 hp), Axos (74-100 hp), Arion (95-184 hp), Axion (164-405 hp) und Xerion (335-487 hp). Nexos are vineyard tractors. Elios tractors are designed for horticulture.
Claas tractors are equipped with modern electronic systems. Their common name is EASY which means Efficient Agriculture Systems. EASY have four ranges of application: on board (machine control and performance optimisation), on field (productivity increase), on track (machine monitoring and remote diagnostics) and on farm (software solutions for agricultural operations). Agriaffaires offers used Claas tractors.

Claas forage harvester

Claas forage harvesters

Claas forage harvesters belong to the Jaguar family. The first self-propelled forage harvester, created in 1973, was exactly Claas Jaguar. Today the serie has 11 models mit 345 to 883 hp and 6 different front attachments. In 2005 there was introduced a innovation package “Green Eye”. It contains a new HD discharge spour, an automatic spout swivel, a diesel consumption display, an auxiliary tank, roller sunblinds for the cab, side window wipers and side work lights. Agriaffaires offers used forage harvesters by Claas.

Claas round ballers

Claas round balers

Claas has two series of round balers: Variant (4 models) and Rollant (3 models). Variant 370 and 380/385, the bigger balers, provide 180 cm bale height. Smaller Variant balers are 350 and 360/365 with 150-155 cm height. The three Rollant are designed for the smallest bales. Two of them, Rollant 455/454 Uniwrap and Rollant 375/374 Uniwrap are baler-wrapper combinations. The wrapper unit needs 23 seconds only to wrap a bale with 6 layers of twine. You can find ads with used Claas round balers on Agriaffaires.

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