Agritechnica awards include novel electric drive tractor

Ahead of the show set to take place in Hanover, Germany, from November 12-18, Agritechnica organiser the DLG has announced the winners of the gold and silver medals in the exhibition award scheme, designed to recognise innovation in agricultural engineering.


Winners in the Agritechnica 2017 awards scheme include Fendt for the e100 Vario electric tractor development.


Winner of a gold medal is forage harvesting specialist Kemper, a John Deere business, which has been awarded its prize for the StalkBuster, said to be the first stubble-destroying technology that forms an integral part of a maize header. Around 30% of stubble remains intact after a conventional harvest, providing an over-winter habitat for the corn borer pest, which is becoming a serious pest in maize/corn crops across mid-Europe, reducing yields and quality by affecting cob development and allowing the ingress of fusarium, which can then spread to the following wheat crop. One of the most important methods to fight the pest, along with chemical and biological options, is to chop the maize stubble thoroughly and immediately after the crop is harvested.

Also awarded gold is Claas, for its CEMOS combine auto-settings system, designed to ensure machines run at maximum efficiency whether the operator’s priority is maximum output, cleam grain, minimum losses or a blend of the three. Depending on the strategy selected in the system’s terminal by the operator, it sets the drum speed and the concave gap for optimum results in the current harvest conditions. Another module in the system is Auto Threshing, with users no longer needing to know which settings they have to make to achieve particular desired results. Instead, they enter their desired harvesting strategy, which is then used by the auto-learning system to optimise all parameters. At Agritechnica, Claas also wins a silver medal for the new Terra Trac rear-tracked version of its Axion 900 tractors, reckoned to be the first fully-suspended semi-tracked machines available, and CEMOS for tractors, its tractor-implement set-up optimisation system.

Among the most interesting silver medal winners is the e100 Vario tractor from Fendt. Using the powertrain of a 50kW Vario model, it replaces the diesel engine, exhaust, air and fuel systems and the radiator with a battery block, a compact electric motor and the necessary electric control system. The 100kW, high-voltage battery is said to charge quickly and stores enough power to work for four hours at an average workload. An innovative thermal management system that comprises a heat pump helps control the cab temperature, and the battery pack can also serve as intermediate storage for farm-generated power. Fendt won another silver for VarioPull, which alters an implement’s attachment point on the move, bringing it flexibly up to within 80cm of the tractor’s rear axle. As the attachment point moves closer to the rear axle, the weight distribution is optimized and road stability increases. This allows the operator to shift the attachment further to the rear to provide more space for the drawbar to make headland turns.

Other silver medal winners include Krone, for the LiftCab design available for its BiG X forage harvesters. This allows operators to raise the entire cab by up to 70cm, to see over tall maize crops. The space underneath the cab also offers access to service and maintenance points.

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